Ready for tax season, don’t forget to apply for a DigiD!

What is a DigiD?

A DigiD (digital identification) allows you to identify yourself when making arrangements with the government, educational institutes, healthcare institutions and pensions funds via internet. You can identify yourself in different ways:

  • DigiD app – the easiest way to log in securely
  • SMS verification – log in with an SMS verification code
  • User name and password

Why do I need a DigiD?​

For filing your taxes via MijnBelastingdienst or via the app Aangifte 2021. For informing the Dutch Tax Authorities on your bank account number in case of a refund of taxes.

How do I apply for a DigiD?

If you do not have a DigiD and you want to apply for an account, you can use the application form on the DigiD website. You will need your BSN for your application.

Step 1: fill in your personal data

Step 2: sms verification code

This step is optional, but gives you an extra security

Step 3: user name and password

You can choose your own username and password. Be aware that the password is case-sensitive.

Step 3.1: text message validation

You will receive an SMS code on your mobile phone

Step 3.2: e-mail validation

You will receive a code via e-mail.

After completion of these steps, the first part of the application is finalised. You will now receive by regular mail a letter with an activation code to activate your DigiD.

Normally the letter will be send to your registered address within 5 working days. Activation needs to be done within 20 days.

Who can I contact in case of any questions?

You can contact the DigiD helpdesk by

  • telephone at +31 (0)88 123 65 55
  • e-mail at info@digid.nl