Scope of service

Scope of services covered with the standard fee of

Tax returns for resident taxpayers / non-resident taxpayers / part year taxpayers with:
– employment income and/or;
– other income (alimony income, Dutch pension income, incidental freelance – but not entrepreneuring income) and/or;
– principal residence (also if you purchased your first house) and/or;
– income from savings and investments (Box 3) including property in the Netherlands and/or abroad.

Not covered, so out of scope are tax returns with:

– allocation of income (for non-residents) and/or;
– allocation of income (for residents in case of double taxation relief) and/or;
– allocation of income (equity income that is fully or partly taxed abroad) and/or;
– foreign pension income and/or;
– box 3 in year of ending of 30% ruling and/or;
– sale of principal residence + purchase of new principal residence and/or;
– divorce situations and/or;

Apart from that, does no longer offer tax return assistance for sole proprietors / entrepreneurs.

Additional out of scope work:
– questions with respect to
– review tax assessments
– letters of objection
– response to questions from the Dutch tax authorities