Wondering if you are eligible for a tax refund in the Netherlands? Generally, in case you worked for the same employer during the entire year and you cannot claim any personal deductions, there is no refund of taxes to be expected on your personal income tax return.

When to expect a tax refund on your Dutch personal income tax return

Situations (among others) in which you may expect a refund:

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  • You have not worked in the Netherlands for the entire year, either due to migration or if you started a job during the year
  • You benefit from the 30% ruling and you are a US national or a US green card holder
  • You are a non-resident taxpayer of the Netherlands and you had foreign workdays
  • You are regarded as a fiscal partner without (hardly any) income, provided that your partner pays enough tax
  • You have a child who is living with you and who is younger than 12 on 1 January provided that certain conditions are met
  • You have a principal residence financed with a mortgage loan on which you pay mortgage interest
  • You have medical expenses (be aware of the threshold)
  • You traveled from home to work by public transportation over a single distance of more than 10 kilometer and the costs were not reimbursed

Claim your tax refund in the Netherlands

If one of the aforementioned situations applies, we recommend you to file a tax return. We can assist you with preparation and filing of your tax return and claim your tax refund in the Netherlands. Rely on 20+ years of experience. Fast, accurate and at a fixed fee!

Online Service

Online service for individuals with employment income and/or other income and deductions

Fast and accurate at a fixed fee of € 250 per tax return and only € 50 extra for fiscal partners including VAT.

Scope of services covered with the standard fee of Dutchtaxreturns.nl.

Tax Return Meeting

Schedule an online meeting or a meeting in person as individual with income from employment

Preparation of your Dutch income tax return during a meeting at our office in Valkenburg ZH (close to Leiden) or via an online meeting at a fixed fee of € 300 per tax return and € 50 extra for a fiscal partner (including VAT).