Dutch personal income tax return 2022

The Dutch tax year runs from 1 January, through 31 December. Filing needs to be done before 1 May in most situations. Do you need to lodge a 2022 tax return?

You are obliged to file a tax return in the following situations:

  • You received an invitation from the Dutch tax authorities to file a tax return, the famous blue envelope.
  • There is an amount payable on your tax return of more than € 49.

You are allowed to file a tax return for 2022 (or for previous years) when there is a refund of more than € 16 on your tax return.

Filing your 2022 tax return

Filing your taxes in a foreign language can be difficult. To file your taxes, you need a DigiD.  If you do not have a DigiD, you need to apply for one. Keep in mind: this can take up to a few weeks!

Do you need assistance with the preparation and filing of your Dutch tax return for the year 2022 or for previous years? We are pleased to assist you. We have 20+ years of experience with filing tax returns for expats and with expat related tax issues. Our work is accurate and our fees are fixed. Only € 250 inclusive of 21% VAT for an individual income tax return and € 50 extra for fiscal partners. We use our own electronic signature for filing tax returns; your personal DigiD is not necessary.


Do you prefer to have your tax return prepared during an online meeting. Book an appointment for a tax return meeting. Our fee for a tax return meeting is € 300 incl 21% VAT for an individual income tax return and € 50 extra for fiscal partners. The tax return meeting is only available for individuals with income from employment and not for self-employed individuals.